What is the law on Fire Risk Assessments, and do I need one ??

A care home company has been fined £30,000 for breaking fire safety laws following a blaze at a residential care home which left an elderly woman seriously injured. The fire started when an electrically operated armchair caught alight. The company admitted to not having a fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment would of identified and removed the risk before the fire could take place, saving the company £30,ooo and more importantly, prevented the elderly ladies inguries

Is a fire risk assessment a legal requirement?

Yes, if you are an employer or self-employed, it is a legal requirement to make an assessment of the health & safety risks arising out of their work. The purpose of the assessment is to identify what needs to be done to control health & safety risks, (Regulation 3 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999).

What do I have to do in terms of fire safety?

As an employer(and/or building owner or occupier) you are required to carry out and maintain a fire risk assessment. This is under Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 which applies in England and Wales. The fire safety assessment can be carried out either as a separate exercise or as part of a single assessment covering other health & safety risks. You need to make sure that, based on the findings of the assessment, you take adequate and appropriate fire safety measures to minimise the risk of injury or loss in the event of a fire.

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