Kidde Recall 40m Fire Extinguishers

Manufacturer Kidde has launched one of the largest product recalls in history amid concerns that fire extinguishers might not work in an emergency. Although Kidde is an American brand, they do export to the UK, so there could be faulty devices in your workplace.

What is the problem?
Following investigation that some customers reported extinguishers failing to function as they should, it was revealed that the extinguishers become clogged over time, leading to two serious consequences. The first is that they fail to spray and are therefore useless for fighting a fire. The second is that the clogging effect causes a build-up of pressure, resulting in the nozzle flying off with enough force to cause injury.

Which extinguishers are affected?
The potentially affected extinguishers all have plastic handles. No extinguishers with metal handles are affected. If the extinguisher has a plastic handle and NO pressure gauge, then it is also affected. Extinguishers with plastic handles and a pressure gauge are affected if the part number is 44162 (model numbers: H110G, FA110G, FC110, FS110, M110G, M110GM).

Part Number: 4004000 – Model Number – KK2, 100D
Part Number: 440196 – Model Number – KK2, 100D
Part Number: 466340 – Model Number – AUTO 5FX, M5P, M5PM, 21OD
Part Number: 440162 – H110G, FA110G, FC110, FS110, M110G, M110GM

The above information can be used to assist you in identifying your extinguisher. You can find your model code in the bottom left of right of the label. You will then be able to register your affected product for replacement by calling the UK Recall Hotline: 0-800-0885513

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